Blogmas on wordpress? Socks and scrappy blankets

Back again! That's a good track record for me lately...twice in a week? 🙂 I'll get into this blogging thing more now that uni is over for the semester! Just waiting for my grades to arrive in a couple of weeks! I have been enjoying my knitting time so much now that uni is finally… Continue reading Blogmas on wordpress? Socks and scrappy blankets


Exams and Socks

Ahh! Exams are coming up and all I've been knitting are socks! I seriously need to get down to business tonight (and over the next week) and study! It's been getting quite hot now in Australia, def. not sock weather at all, but more tolerable than knitting sweaters in this weather. I've had a craft… Continue reading Exams and Socks

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Procrastination and progress

I really need to get a head start on some readings before classes because I know from experience that I usually fall behind when things get started because I get distracted with other things pretty easily....creative things nonetheless so theres progress in other areas I suppose. I cast on some new socks tonight with some… Continue reading Procrastination and progress


Socks and Double Points

I mentioned in a blog not that long ago that I've jumped on the bandwagon with the sock craze thats made its way to Australia (blame the Americans they tell me;). I also mentioned that I had purchased some 9-inch circulars because I couldn't navigate magic loop or my worst fear...dpns. While as I was using… Continue reading Socks and Double Points