Nightmares, knitting, and tea

I was working on some crochet toys but decided to unravel them all as they looked a little too scary for children, yes it is possible, I somehow spawned demon looking crochet dolls that were meant to look like cute cuddly foxes. ¬†And I'm certain all that time of unravelling imprinted itself in the subconscious… Continue reading Nightmares, knitting, and tea


Cats and Sweaters

I must be the worst blogger ever ūüôā I've been busy I swear! Getting ready to get back into uni and finally finish that archeology degree, and knitting/crocheting a bunch of things, I've finished a few pairs of socks, started up on a new blanket and began a new sweater (kids size). Its going to… Continue reading Cats and Sweaters

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The Green Shawl -Spinning – and Yarn

Well that was a journey and a half, which still left me with about half a ball of yarn...that green shawl I've been knitting has finally been finished. I was waiting for an order to arrive from Denmark before I blogged again, it was several balls of¬†Holst Garn which I wanted to¬†share my thoughts about… Continue reading The Green Shawl -Spinning – and Yarn


Casting on.

I'm finally beginning to navigate this wordpress thing a little more efficiently¬†than usual. Generally I'm not too great at these social things. I don't even have tv (which I guess isn't very much a social thing when you think about¬†it anyway) but all in all¬†I'm not too great at keeping up with anything that¬†connects me… Continue reading Casting on.


Another day another fleece

Hello crafty little foxes, Lately I acquired a very beautiful fleece from a young (and very adorable) alpaca by the name of Jumbo. His fleece was just absolutely beautiful, quite¬†fine and a very good staple length, as well as a nice crimp:) i spent the afternoon skirting the fleece and preparing it to be soaked,… Continue reading Another day another fleece