Bunyip & Bambini

Here I am, perhaps a little late again, but i’ve been so busy especially that uni is starting next week and I wanted to get my little knitting brand up and running before classes started. I’ve been working on children’s knitwear at the moment yet I haven’t listed my sweaters online yet, it has been a busy last couple of weeks nonetheless 🙂 Let me plug my brand a little here though:) It’s called Bunyip & Bambini, and so far its mostly aimed at babies and toddlers, but might expand to kids..and pets further down the track:D We’ll see how it goes. I’m not sure theres much of a market out there for hand-knit garments any more, and theres a lot of people who have underpriced their knits online, even garments and blankets that would take ages to knit, are sold for very cheap unfortunately. I would hate to see the craft undervalued as the years go on:( It’s really just a hobby as I plod on through uni for a little cash on the side. Here are the links if you are interested in taking a little looksies…..



I’ve listed it on etsy and ‘Made it’ though I much prefer ‘made it’ to etsy, just because you get genuine people who are interested in your shop looking through your items rather than sellers you meet through promotional groups who want to get views up. I think I may let my listings roll over in etsy in fact and just sell through ‘made it.com.au’

I’ve also been getting into vintage knitting. I love those old vintage baby dresses etc although the patterns of the 1930’s are a little different then modern patterns to read, but slowly I hope to get a hang of it. Im a little nervous I won’t have as much time to knit while I am studying, but Im slowly learning to knit without looking, in hopes to be able to read texts while working on some more baby wear.

I’ve chosen baby wear mainly because I have a short attention span and something that usually takes more time and dedication to knit throws of some mental alarm in my mind and I have a little break down. The thing with baby clothes is, it takes less time to have a finished garment and its great practice before knitting bigger garments using the same concepts.

Its a little late here in Aus, so I’ll finish up my brand plugging for tonight and I ll return sometime within the next day or so with a proper blog upload:) Good night all and happy knitting!



4 thoughts on “Bunyip & Bambini”

  1. Good luck with the store. Competing against a world of knitters can be tough (I’ve had the same thoughts as a crocheter). Just keep doing what you’re doing and explore your options. You’ll find your way😊.

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    1. ah yes, its very competitive in the knitting world, I think i ll keep it as a side hobby though and not focus on it too much, just somewhere to put those baby clothes instead of the closet 🙂 and if they don’t sell they can always go as baby shower gifts:D

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  2. Congrats on starting your shop! I love the beautiful look of the brand, and the hats look so cute. Beautiful. 🙂 Did you draw the watercolour plants for the labels? Baby wear is a great idea and definitely makes for quick knitting and turnover. All best with your new shop! (another possibility is craft cafes that can offer to sell your goods for you for a percentage). Happy knitting, selling & studying!

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    1. Thanks:D I tried to go with the nature vibe as Im basically surrounded by it here 😀 I didn’t do those watercolours myself, I just found the template on vista print and found it really funky:D Im not sure we have craft cafes up here but they sound like a great idea! Hope your studies are also going well!


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