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Procrastination and progress

I really need to get a head start on some readings before classes because I know from experience that I usually fall behind when things get started because I get distracted with other things pretty easily….creative things nonetheless so theres progress in other areas I suppose. I cast on some new socks tonight with some yarn that a friend dyed for me, I’m loving the colours and its always good to have a little project on the side while your knitting a bigger project or just to have on the go. Socks are a great ‘mindless’ project that you can throw in your bag and knit within company etc without having to think too much. If I could get away with knitting some socks at the very back of a lecture at uni I would, but the thought of being caught would mortify me, its almost comparable to sitting in front of the class in your underwear, at least where Im from.

Heres progress tonight


Nothing much happened today besides knitting, although today my landlord came to dismantle my bathroom basin to find that the leak (which was originally the problem) was coming from a loose washer. So next week his going to be rebuilding the basin. I visited my friends house for a knitting session and sketched a little.

Inch by inch i’ll get this sweater done. Im really hoping before classes start, It would be more productive if I could study a degree in knitting. But we only have fashion design here, and thats not even at my uni, and they don’t really cover knitting so much. Knit wear design would be pretty fun to study:D Although I’ve done lots of sewing in the past, its mainly been mens clothes. There’s not too many creative degrees at my uni, its mainly a place to go if you want to be a doctor, dentist, geologist, archaeologist etc  in a way its good to keep me focused, other wise if they offered fashion design i’d jump back and forth between degrees unable to make up my mind and finish one in another 10 years time. Ain’t nobody got time for that 😉

Goodnight all! Happy knitting xx



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