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Sweater progress and being a ‘lazy knitter’

The sweater is coming along nicely so far, I haven’t got bored of it just yet…on that note I’ve realised how lazy i’ve been lately, its easy to grab a coffee and sit down and knit for some hours before you realise you should really get up and go out for a nice long walk and stretch those legs, not to mention its good to have a break on the fingers as well, the last thing I would like is an RSI 😦

I’ve been trying to go out and find some nice places to knit where I can also go for a long walk, places where I usually wouldn’t bump into too many people, I don’t feel as though Im a pubic knitter yet, I can’t even recall the last time I’ve seen someone knit outside, unless I count watching my friend knit across from me in her backyard.

Anyhooh, heres the progress on my sweater so far…


Im not sure whether I want a sweater top with short sleeves or one with long sleeves, below is a very quick sketch I did in the beginning with the general idea…


I don’t consider myself the fastest knitter, I’m a flicker though, which is a lot faster than english style, but especially when I start knitting again when I’ve done my nails quite long (Im a beauty school drop-out yet fully qualified in nails πŸ™‚ ), I felt a little clumsy holding the needles again at first and I feel like a praying mantis trying to type on the keyboard right now…

But I do need to get my exercise up again, Im jut feeling guilty that i’ve been so lazy, partly because of knitting, partly because ever since getting my license. But also I think I’m just enjoying my days of basically doing not much before uni starts, but really I think I’m just making excuses.

I’ve Β been spending my day knitting, doing sketches in my journal, which I shall also start posting every now and then just to throw something different in, cleaning the leak which is unexplainably coming out from under the wall my landlord tried to fix, yet however just made it worse, and staying cosy at home because Im actually too broke to wander out the house because I don’t trust myself window shopping.


2 thoughts on “Sweater progress and being a ‘lazy knitter’”

  1. The sweater is coming along so wonderfully; I really like the way the cables are positioned and the cute drawing of it. πŸ™‚ As a student, too, I hear you – sometimes the knitting/sketching days inside are the best way to unwind while still feeding creativity. Knitting keeps me out of trouble ;). Happy knitting! I’m enjoying your sketches. πŸ™‚


    1. Thankyou! I’ve seen yours too! They’re awesome πŸ˜€ knitting or sketching is like some creative relief from all those text books, I hope i ‘ll have lots of time for knitting by the time uni starts, i guess theres in between class times, but i ll have to find a tree to hide behind πŸ˜€

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