Hands not wands darling!

I do a little nail work on the side, to pay for those text books, and that necessity we know as food and possible the occasional yarn. I think nails should have a blog of its own, there are plenty of stories to tell. Here is a little one of when I was working in an upper class salon for snotty rich ladies who were above everything and everyone…

Scan 3I mean sometimes I enjoy doing nails, mostly when Im doing them on myself, but people just seem to make it tedious and unenjoyable. I’ve seen the demands, attitudes and eye-rolling thats not so attractive from ladies whom want to carry a demure of wealth and fine appearances. I’ve also heard all the problems, where the husband has been and what he has gotten up to, the mortgage problems, the lawyers, the daughter-in-laws, the child support payments, the hospital visits, the dogs, the holidays, the problems at work, the problems at home, the problems about the kids schools…they never gave us a class on social work while at beauty school:(


Scan 2 copy

There are clients who just don’t want you to communicate with them. ‘How long would you like your nails?’ I’d ask… ‘Just do your job,’ is the answer apparently followed by ‘Oh they’re too short, why didn’t you ask me.’

Also not to mention the ‘friends’ who take you for advantage, only calling you when they want something, like a free set of nails or just manicures. And because its free, every inch will be inspected and 2 colour changes in one sitting is acceptable because its all in the package they simply didn’t pay for in the first place….and when you end up cutting these people from your life, they call you up in a few months after not speaking to you and ask ‘if you are still doing nails?’.

Scan 4So it really has just become a hobby I do on the side for some text book cash, even if I have to put up with the endless attitude and fishing out those who tend to take you for advantage, since becoming  a nail tech I’ve become ‘everybody’s best friend.’

I like sticking to my ‘selfish’ hobbies, things I get to do for myself, like knitting or drawing and music (if not having to preform). We all need to do something for ourselves to keep sane and happy, that’s why I’m struggling to type this blog, feeling kinda like a lanky baby giraffe walking for the first time over my keyboard with my new long nails 🙂


I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from one of my nail teachers when dealing with difficult clients with difficult nails 🙂

Scan 5


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