Socks and Double Points

I mentioned in a blog not that long ago that I've jumped on the bandwagon with the sock craze thats made its way to Australia (blame the Americans they tell me;). I also mentioned that I had purchased some 9-inch circulars because I couldn't navigate magic loop or my worst fear...dpns. While as I was using… Continue reading Socks and Double Points


On being happy alone

When I'm not working random jobs or playing music, I work freelance as a beautician. I dropped out of beauty school so many times I actually ended up being qualified in nails (which was always first semester) three times over. After the nail components I usually get bored and dropped out. Well I was doing… Continue reading On being happy alone

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You Can Come to my Party…If you Bring Your Guitar.

So i've been working in a cafe (which is closing down tomorrow) as a driver and considering getting back into full time music as a job again instead of doing it casually as I have been while working at the cafe. The truth is that I was playing music so much that I was beginning to enjoy it… Continue reading You Can Come to my Party…If you Bring Your Guitar.

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The Green Shawl -Spinning – and Yarn

Well that was a journey and a half, which still left me with about half a ball of yarn...that green shawl I've been knitting has finally been finished. I was waiting for an order to arrive from Denmark before I blogged again, it was several balls of Holst Garn which I wanted to share my thoughts about… Continue reading The Green Shawl -Spinning – and Yarn