Knitting backwards…

Ugh! It's one of those days that all I seem to be doing is knitting backwards, ripping out rows, and re-knitting...only to loose my stitch markers (on circular needles) and start all over again. It's a very humid day today, and the only refuge I can get from the heat is to hop into my… Continue reading Knitting backwards…


Stalking the Gentle Giants

Someone once said, never work with animals or children, it is almost impossible. But I find that if you work with animals (or children) and have patience the eventual outcome is the best reward. I just had my wisdom teeth removed, I was still taking the antibiotics so I did not object to sitting around… Continue reading Stalking the Gentle Giants


Unearthly Sites and Dangerous Tides.

Sometimes the thing I like more than the photography itself is the 'risks' that can sometimes come with it, the travelling, the places I probably would never have ever seen if I wasn't searching for a nice site to take pictures. Most times I go alone, and it seems to me that that's the only… Continue reading Unearthly Sites and Dangerous Tides.